Leonidus C. Muffinmaker Wants to Know …

One of the more colorful residents who wanders the woods around Historic Ramsey House is Leonidus C. Muffinmaker. After a recent session wherein the Holstons participated in exercises intended to improve health, disposition, and skill, Mr. Muffinmaker agreed to appear in a moving daguerreotype show to announce Opening Day! As you will witness below, Mr. Muffinmaker’s line of reasoning is strongly persuasive, so it goes without saying that we look forward to seeing all of humanity at noon and 2:30 p.m., Saturday, April 11, 2015, at Historic Ramsey House! Hurrah!

New caps for 2015


Why the addition of the star on the Holstons caps for 2015? Well, in the September 13, 1868, Republican Banner, the original Holstons uniform was described in article chronicling a state championship match with Nashville. As you will read, our current, vintage uniforms and field flag are fairly close to this 1868 description, an amazing/eerie feat when you consider we had not uncovered these details at the time of our uniform design last year. So, the star is a both step toward accuracy of interpretation and an homage to our base ball brethren 150 years removed. Huzzah!



Also can’t forget to say that the Holston’s new caps in progress come from TAOVBB Sponsor Stockbridge Sewing Works!

2015 Schedule Released


Our 2015 schedule has been released. Mark these on your calendar today!

Saturday4/9/20162:30pmMountain City of ChattanoogaKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey House
Saturday4/23/201612:00pmHighland Rim DistillersKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey House
Saturday5/7/201612:00pmKnoxville HolstonsLightfoot Club of Chattanooga6th Cavalry Museum
Sunday5/22/20162:30pmKnoxville HolstonsTravellers Club of BrentwoodBicentennial Capitol Mall State Park
Saturday6/4/201612:00pmKnoxville HolstonsEmmett Machinists of KnoxvilleRocky Mount State Historic Site
Saturday6/18/201612:00pmEmmett Machinists of KnoxvilleKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey House
Saturday7/9/201612:00pmPhoenix of East NashvilleKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey House
Sunday7/24/20162:30pmKnoxville HolstonsNashville MaroonsSam Davis Home & Plantation
Saturday8/6/20162:30pmFranklin FarriersKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey House
Sunday8/21/201612:00pmLightfoot Club of ChattanoogaKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey House
Saturday8/27/20162:30pmStewart's Creek ScoutsKnoxville HolstonsHistoric Ramsey House