Holstons in History: July 2, 1867

On July 2, 1867, the Knoxville Daily Free Press mentions the Holston Base Ball Club in connection with the festivities scheduled to occur in Knoxville on July Fourth. Besides challenging the Machinist Base Ball Club for bragging rights in Knoxville, the “famous” Holston Base Ball Club was also set to announce which of its players’ would challenge a grocer-by-day/Olympian-by-night to a one-mile footrace!

The Fourth.—In addition to the published programme for the [illegible] and more sedate citizens of our town, we learn that other parties will celebrate the day in manner to give


“The mind of desultory man,
Fond of novelty and change,”


the fullest scope to enjoy itself.


It is said that the junior member of a well known and popular grocery [buyer?] of our city will hazard his well earned fame as an Olympian in a race of one mile against thorough-bred and “to the manor born” member of the “first 9” of the famous Holston, whose name is announced as for the [sic] coming when the hour comes.


On the same day, a match game of Base Ball, for the championship of the city will take place between the [M?]achinist club of Knoxville, and the Holston club.


These divertisements [sic] are, of course, not intended to interfere with the published programme in this issue.

The “published programme” for the Fourth includes a procession with the following order: Knoxville Brass Band; “Orator of the day,” Mr. Ford; civic authorities of Knoxville and East Knoxville; “Car with Thirty-seven young ladies representing the State of the Union;” state military; citizens in carriages; and delegations from abroad.

The article also notes that the fireworks purchased from Philadelphia had arrived in town at much expense.