Holstons in History: July 4, 1867

The results of the July 4, 1867, match game between the Holston and Emmett Machinist base ball clubs appear in the July 6, 1867, Knoxville Daily Free Press. Although full rosters are not included, the article does reveal that the Emmett Base Ball Club [alternately referred to as the Machinist Base Ball Club] was comprised of railroad workers. The article also chronicles an injury of note: the aptly-named William Hurley being struck at the pitcher’s point, “full in the face,” by a ball off the bat of the Holston’s Sam Luttrell.

The Afternoon of the Fourth.—After the close of regular exercises on Thursday, the Holston and Emmet Clubs favored the people with an opportunity of witnessing a friendly game of Base Ball between the two clubs on the grounds of the Knoxville club. The game was witnessed by an immense crowd of spectators and was played with much spirit. It was closed at the 5th inning, when the score stood Holston 65, Emmet 12.


The Emmet Club has been organized but a short time and is composed of machinists and operatives in the Railroad shops. They have had as yet but little practice, though they have plenty of muscle and activity, and with a little more training will be able to compete with the champion Holston for the right to hold the bat.


During the game Mr. William Hurley was severely injured by being stricken full in the face with a ball from the bat of Mr. Sam Luttrell. The ball was driven with such force that Hurley, who was at the pitchers post, was knocked down and so injured that he could not continue the game.