Holstons in History: May 22, 1867

After earning a victory against the Knoxville Base Ball Club on May 11, 1867, the Holston Base Ball Club immediately set their sights on the Mountain City Base Ball Club of Chattanooga. The time, place, and final scores of the “friendly match games” were not reported, just this colorful summary in the May 22, 1867, edition of Brownlow’s Knoxville Whig:

BASE BALL.—The “Mountain City” Base Ball Club, of Chattanooga, visited our city last week and played friendly match games with each of the clubs of this city, of course proving themselves too much for our clubs, having had more experience, and being the champion Club of the State. They also gave musical concerts while here, and were voted “bully boys” by every one. The games were played in the presence of a large number of ladies and gentlemen, and a deep interest was manifested by spectators.