Match Report: Holston scouts defend home garden against Maroons, 8-1

The Holstons returned to their home grounds this past Saturday to do battle with the Nashville Maroons, the defending state champions.  The affair opened with a display of such artistry by both the basetenders and scouts of both clubs that came to characterize the match.  Scores of bug bruisers were snagged and sockdolagers and tip outs gobbled throughout as fans of the national game rooted on the ballists as they showed impressive sand in Colonel Ramsey’s lush garden to the east of town.

Roadblock and Bowleg frustrated the top of the Holston lineup as the first frame opened.  That said, the Kid and Sour Mash returned the favor to sender to close the window.  After tallying no aces through the first rotation of its roster, the Holstons struck gold in the third frame.  Augie and Mac proved their muscle as they found safe passage to the sacks and then were advanced to home dish thanks to a combination of strategically targeted long balls that penetrated the Maroons defense.  The visiting club managed to slam the third frame shut on the Holstons abruptly as the middle of the home club’s lineup was caught napping.  The Maroons looked to square the match in the bottom of the third on Roadblock’s stinger that split Augie and Lightning in right-center; however, the gun on Augie’s arm held a second Maroon ace hostage on third sack.

The contest continued to proceed through each window with such haste that Doc recalled throwing fewer than ten onions for most of the five frames that he stood at the pitcher’s point.  Mac and Augie were tested repeatedly in left and center thanks to the mighty timber wielded by the bully boys from Nashville; however, these veterans took handsomely to the onions that rocketed off the Maroons’ willows.  The Holstons opened up their lead in the top of the sixth as Stove Pipe, Hawkeye, Doc, and Lil Skeeter, cheered on by an exuberant Holston rooter stationed behind home dish, completed full orbits around the sacks.

The Maroons threatened to ring the bell in the eighth frame as a hot ball off Sticky Finger’s willow to left was mishandled by Mac, thereby allowing Shaky Legs to round third sack and bolt for home.  But Mac steadied himself and postmarked a bullet that was handsomely received by Doc, who then performed a half-pirouette to target the K on Lightning’s chest and the Holston catcher then tagged the tenacious Maroon out at home dish.  Sour Mash and Stove Pipe took out some insurance to protect the Holston lead in the ninth, giving the Kid and Lightning safe passage home to ring the bell.  The match was called just shy of an hour and half in the home club’s favor 8 to 1.  The win marked the Holstons’ 25th in regular season play.

Just as we were going to the printing press this morning we received news from Molasses that he has received a challenge from the Phoenix Club of East Nashville to play a match on the home grounds of the Travellers at Ravenswood Mansion in Brentwood on July 16.  He mentioned that he had to speak with Cannonball about the matter first, but owing to the fact that the grizzly, bearded warrior fancies an opportunity to play the boys in crimson and gray once again, he was keen on putting the matter in ink.