Match Report: Holston scouts make quick work of the Quicksteps, 12-1

A match game of base ball between the Holstons and Quicksteps was recently played underneath a majestic July cobalt blue sky in Colonel Ramsey’s garden. The Quicksteps won the bat toss; however, the visitors from Spring Hill deferred to the home club who stepped to the dish in the top of the first frame. The Holstons unleashed a deadly volley of onions on their guests as Augie took first sack and was promptly sent home to tally the first ace on Mac’s cloud hunter that tripped up the Quickstep centerfielder for a three-sacker. The Kid then launched an onion to left for a two-sacker that scored Mac. Lefty reached second sack on a bug bruiser to Stonewall at third whose throw soared over the head of the Quickstep basetender at first. A blooper off Lightning’s willow fell short of first sack that allowed the Holston to reach first while the Kid took a leisurely stroll to the bell. The Holstons kept up the steam as Sour Mash launched his patented moon onion to right field filling the sacks. Lil’ Skeeter then sacrificed himself for the cause as his sky hunter to right field gave Lefty safe passage home for the Holstons’ fourth ace. The Quicksteps then threw cold water on the proceedings, stopping the Holstons’ onslaught by taking handsomely to Stove Pipe and Papaw’s long balls.

The Quicksteps sought to answer the Holstons in the bottom of the first frame as stingers off the willows of both Red Bird and Stonewall left Stove Pipe dancing first left, then right; however, Mac bailed out his teammate by gobbling Cannonball’s huckleberry in deep left that caught Redbird taking a nap off third sack. The Holston defense kept many a Quickstep from reaching second sack throughout the match. The few that did were prevented from reaching home by the home club’s solid hands. Only a rare error permitted a lone Quickstep to ring Colonel Ramsey’s bell as the eighth window closed.

Laurels were handed out to the Holstons’ roster for solid defense in the garden, on the sacks, and behind the dish. In his return, the Kid wowed the cranks in attendance with his doctorate in defense at shortstop. Mac was awarded the game ball for his mighty timber that netted two, three-sackers and a two-sacker. Augie, Mac, and the Kid each rang the bell three times, while Lefty, Molasses, and Doc tolled the Colonel’s bell once. The match was a swift affair played just shy of an hour and a half before Grizzly called it in the home club’s favor, 12 to 1.