Match Report: Holstons best the Farriers to remain unbeaten, 10-6

Several of the Knoxville Holston ballists returned to town today with news of a recent victory over the Franklin Farriers. The contest pitted two of Tennessee’s unbeaten base ball clubs in a match of athletic pursuits marked by civility and gentlemanly conduct played on the hallowed grounds of Carnton Plantation.

Skeeter opened the proceedings with a bat toss that was won by the Farriers. The home club chose to defend their field in the top frames while the visiting suspenders were tasked with closing the windows in Carnton’s garden. The Holstons, as they have done all season, harvested the match’s first ace. Lil’ Skeeter made his base and was granted an additional sack on an errant throw from Buttermilk to Mama’s Boy. Next up to the dish, the Kid sent a whizzer off his timber that landed in fair territory and skidded foul before it zipped past Buttermilk who was defending the third sack. Lil’Skeeter made third and the Kid bolted for second, confounding the Farrier basetenders who went after the latter, purported to be the fastest set of suspenders south of the Ohio. While the Kid appeared to circumnavigate the globe as he went back and forth from first to second, Lil’ Skeeter crossed home dish to ring the bell. After accomplishing the task at hand, the Kid’s tank ran empty and Mama’s Boy applied the tag.

The Holstons opened up a comfortable lead plating five aces in the second frame. Sour Mash plated first on a Molasses blooper to the outfield and in the process permanently distilled his suspenders. Bugle Boy, Molasses, Butter Bean, and Doc also completed full orbits of the sacks before the Farriers managed to stop the hemorrhaging of aces.

The match settled into a defensive affair with a number of outstanding feats of physical strength before the muckles unleashed their timber on their adversary’s basetenders and scouts. In doing so, both clubs succumbed to a bevy of errors in the middle frames as they attempted to take handsomely to shooters in the infield and ferocious sockdolagers struck deep into Carnton’s garden.

The Holstons managed to tack on an additional two aces in the top of the fifth frame courtesy of Mac’s cloud hunter that exploded off his willow and soared high into the atmosphere before plunging back to earth deep in center field for a sacrificed hand dead. In the meantime, Lil’Skeeter and the Kid took a leisurely stroll around the sacks from second and first respectively to ring the bell.

The Farriers returned the favor in the bottom of the fifth as Toothpick’s corker caused Molasses to stumble in right field enabling Buttermilk to trot home for the home club’s first ace. Hambone scored next as Sour Mash gave up the ace and opted to go for a play at second for an easier hand dead. In the sixth, Dinger placed a well hit onion that bounced into foul territory into the waiting hands of the Skipper, a Traveller, who momentarily forgot that he was scheduled to play in the second, rather than the first match. Needless to say, Mama’s Boy received safe passage home after Skeeter cleared his entry. In the seventh, the wheels on the Holstons’ wagon nearly came off as Nips caught Molasses napping in right which drove Slick home. Goob then struck a blooper over Sour Mash’s head to plate both Moose and Nips to get the Farriers to within two aces. The Holstons only managed to close the window on a disastrous seventh inning when Four Leaf’s sky hunter was assisted off Hawkeye to his son, Bugle Boy, for what one spectator referred to as an immaculate hand dead. The play was well-received by the faithful Holston fans as well as friends and families who made the journey west of the Cumberlands.

In the eighth, Mac conjured up yet another one of his patented sockdolagers that Buttermilk attempted to gobble; however, the futile effort resulted in a double for the newest Holston and plated the Kid who put the steam on as he raced off first sack. Cannonball then sacrificed himself to allow Mac an opportunity to toot the horn, a makeshift replacement after the Kid pulverized the home club’s beautiful brass bell upon scoring the previous ace.

Both clubs exhibited a number of excellent defensive plays to close the final one and half frames. Skeeter called the match a few minutes prior to two in the visiting club’s favor, 10-6. Laurels were granted to both clubs for their defensive prowess and Mac took honors at the dish for his 3 aces batted in on two well-shredded onions.

The Travellers Club of Brentwood, a rustic hamlet south of Nashville known for its bully-boys and banditry, will make the journey to the beautiful, plush garden of Colonel Ramsey in less than two weeks time where the Holstons hope to defend their home grounds and to remain unbeaten.