Match Report: Holstons Fall Victim to the Travellers’ Hornet’s Nest, 26-4

The Holstons recently made their first visit to Nashville’s Capitol garden to play the Travellers Club of Brentwood, who had sought a rematch after losing to the former club on a soggy field in Knoxville last summer. During the introductions of both clubs, the trained eye of an avid enthusiast of the national game in Tennessee might have immediately noticed two things. First, the Knoxville club appeared shorthanded. Scores of rooters were overheard along both sides of the garden inquiring as to the whereabouts of Augie, Butter Bean, Lefty, and Samson, the Holstons’ most feared muckles. Second, it did not escape anyone’s attention that both Cannonball and Hawkeye were wearing casts on their hands. Cannonball reportedly suffered an injury from an incoming onion during a match at Chattanooga two weeks prior; however, mystery swirled throughout the Capitol grounds as to the origins of Hawkeye’s wrapped left hand. Nevertheless, both ballists took the field.

Turtle, known for showing sand in a Nashville Maroons uniform, walked out into the garden dressed as a dapper gentleman ready to officiate the match as arbiter. The game was a one-sided affair from the opening bat toss that favored the Travellers. The garden was fit for the eye of the Middle Tennessee ballists as they wielded some stout timber, taking dead aim as they fired one volley of onions after another toward a bevy of trees and bushes in a rather short right field. The result, an unenvious task for Cannonball stationed in the hornet’s nest. The Travellers plated 11 after 2 innings whereas the Holstons struggled to work their way through the roster. In the top of the 3rd, Bugle Boy and Doc’s willows caught fire and both managed a complete orbit of the sacks as the Holstons finally got to ring the bell. With the exception of one inning, the Travellers continued to ring the bell. Cannonball and Molasses tallied two additional aces for the Holstons in the 8th; however, the Travellers plated 15 more times for a total of 26 aces (one ace was initially recorded in the 7th but on further review was not scored as a Holston scout had caught the striker’s ball on the bound).

Turtle presented the Professor with the game ball after the conclusion of the match. As many spectators departed the city, a few Holstons remained behind to take likenesses and speak with Middle Tennessee’s hardiest rooters. This reporter overheard a few of the Knoxville ballists discussing landscaping plans in right field prior to the next match that the Holstons are scheduled to play on the Capitol garden. At four losses in as many matches this season, the Knoxville boys are still looking to score their first win and hope to do so in their next match against the Emmett Machinists at Rocky Mount.

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