Match Report: Holstons right the ship against the Machinists, 12-3

After suffering their first loss against the Scouts, the Holstons looked to bounce back against the railroad boys of the Emmett Machinists.  The rematch pitted old friends once more on the battlefield at Colonel Ramsey’s garden.  Though the Colonel was not present, he no doubt ordered up the picturesque weather that characterizes early summer in the Great Valley of East Tennessee.  The affair got off to an explosive start thanks to the First East Tennessee Battery and the Machinists’ mighty timber that left many a Holston scouts scouring the Colonel’s garden for well-plucked onions.  Grasshopper, Baby Bird, and Rip tallied the first three aces of the match in the top of the first frame.  The Holstons steadied the ship and methodically worked their way through the inning before taking the dish.  Momentum shifted suddenly in the favor of the Holstons as Sour Mash sacrificed himself with a sockdolager to center that drove Augie in that broke a nearly month-long drought of aces.  After the next three Holstons in the roster made safe passage on to the sacks, Doc singled to bring the Kid in to get the Holstons within one ace.  Stove Pipe flexed his muckle before the first window closed to advance Lefty and Doc to put the Holstons in front.  The Holstons stout defense put on a clinic from this point forward with but one Machinist threatening to ring the bell.  Cannonball relayed a bevy of snagged daisycutters to Lefty at first, Doc bounded and somersaulted in right for a few hands dead, and Sour Mash and Stove Pipe gobbled a number of the Machinists’ huckleberries.  Laurels were handed out for expert catching by Kong and Bugle Boy, while Augie and Doc were flawless at the dish and tallied between them half of the Holstons aces.  Grapeshot called the match after the top of the ninth frame closed in the Holstons favor 12 to 3.