Match Report: Mountain City remains on top with victory over Holstons, 8-4

The Holstons recently played a match game of base ball against the Mountain City Club of Chattanooga on the grounds of their neighbors to the south. The affair pitted the state’s top two teams against one another. The bully boys of Mountain City pounced early and tallied four aces in the bottom of the first frame. The Holston Nine seemed bewildered when Britches’ bug bruiser to the Kid at short turned into a 4-sacker. The confusion occurred as a result of an overthrown onion to first that went deep into the area populated by the rooters. Cannonball, stationed at first, assumed Britches would be awarded second and thus took a leisurely stroll into the crowd where a bright shiny water pumpkin caught his attention. However, no call of a dead onion was made by the arbiter and thus several screeching altos among the Mountain City ballists, who were stationed in their usual position near third sack, sent word to Britches to keep legging homeward. By the time the Holstons snapped into action, Britches threw further confusion on the Holstons defense when he got Butter Bean, Sour Mash, and Doc, who bolted for home from second, to become excited and each forgot the basics of laying down an effective pickle. After Britches rang the bell first, three additional bully boys scored in the first and another in the second while the Holstons struggled to handle the onion in the garden and stop the hemorrhaging  of aces.

Providence shined on the Knoxville boys in the third frame as PaPaw, Butter Bean, and Doc filled the bully boys’ sacks. Augie’s s skipping daisycutter between first and second advanced each of the aforementioned Holstons one sack, thereby giving PaPaw safe passage home to get the visitors on the board with their first ace. Mac then shredded the onion deep into the garden scoring Butter Bean, Doc, and himself for the Holstons’ first 4-sacker of the season. Within one ace, the Holstons stood poised to level the match, if not, take the lead with the Kid and Sour Mash awaiting their turn at the dish. However, the Holstons’ willows were cooled off by a breeze conjured up the home club.

Both teams settled in following the third frame and defense governed the match. Unfortunately for the Holstons, they failed to harvest any additional aces in spite of several potential bell-ringers on the sacks. Rusty Gates called the match after the Holstons came up dry in the top of the ninth, thus awarding the game ball to the captain of the undefeated Mountain City boys. Though humbled by defeat, Cannonball vowed that the Holstons would defend their home grounds against the Highland Rim Distillers to close out their regular season.