Bryan “Freight Train” Smith

Bryan “Freight Train” Smith (53 years old) both bats and throws right-handed.  As a younger man, Freight Train’s agility and thirst for adventure drew him to the most dangerous vocation in the railroading, the brakeman. After suffering too many falls from the tops moving train cars, Freight Train retired from the Union Pacific Railroad and is now owns and operates a livery stable.

Now that his agility and spirit of adventure are behind him, he relies on his years of experience in the base ball garden and his quick reflexes to field ground balls.  He’s a solid hitter of line-drives and ground balls that often push his swifter team mates across the dish, while he rarely crosses it himself.

Freight Train is married to his wife of 28 years and enjoys teaching his 5 grandchildren the art of base ball.   Freight Train also enjoys tending his vegetable garden; however, it’s been rumored that he sips most of his corn crop, once it’s converted to a liquid state.   This rumor could explain his generally reserved personality and avoidance of the tops of moving train cars.