Nate “The Kid” Cordle

Name: Nathaniel “The Kid” Cordle

Occupation: Full-Time Student/IT Administrator

Team: Knoxville Holstons

Preferred Bat: 34” Smacker Browning

“The Kid” is self-described “naturalized Tennessean”. Before Tennessee, he lived in Georgia, DC, and South Carolina. He is a Classical Archeology student at UT-Knoxville, and the youngest ballist in the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball.

 TAOVBB: How did you get into Vintage Base Ball?

The Kid: I found out about the league from fellow Holston, “Little Skeeter” Wells. He and I know each other from re-enactments at Fort Loudoun. So, now in addition to being an 18th century re-enactor, I’m a 19th century re-enactor too. Vintage Base Ball was especially appealing because I grew up playing baseball, so I jumped at the chance to get back into the game.

 TAOVBB: How did you get your nickname?

The Kid: I am the youngest ballist in the league by far- I’m 20 years old- so it seemed to be a natural fit. Another reason that I like it is that I’m really tall (6’5”), so it has a touch of irony as well.

 TAOVBB: What makes Vintage Base Ball different?

The Kid: I love the pageantry of the game. I love that it’s baseball, but that it’s also a performance. When I play, I’m not Nathaniel Cordle; I’m “The Kid”, and I get to play that part in the game. I love seeing players like “Grapeshot” flying around, living out their nickname, and it’s great to see how the fans respond to the performance. Vintage Base Ball is as much a historical re-enactment as it is a competition. The fans really seem to appreciate both aspects of the experience, which makes it even better.