Steve “Cannonball” Cordle

Background: Cannonball, aged well, a farmer by trade, his name comes from his time in the Mexican/American war and his inclination toward volatility.  He is about 6′ in his shoes and noticed for his work at the plate, but not his speed on the paths.  He is married to a beautiful lass and is the father to two children, one of them being “The Kid”.

Origin of nickname: From my occupation as an ATFE agent.

What bat do you normally swing? A 37″ Jackie from Smacker bats

What was your favorite moment from last season? I have two, the first being a home run I hit against the Dry Town Boys and the second being able to play on the team with my son.

What are you looking forward to most for this season? I am looking forward to playing at different locations, like the 6th Cavalry Museum and the Sam Davis Home.